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Smartwoman Guides are mini eBook resources on the topics you want to know more about. Consider them the best cheat notes you can find for more fun, better conversations, and for looking like a rock star diva at cocktail parties.

We will cover serious and not so serious topics, and we will do it with style, verve, and attitude.

Curious about Bit Coin? Us too! Today’s tech topics are fascinating and it is such a confidence booster to be able to banter about it at a meetup, a date, or frankly, just to expand your own knowledge. Learning is fun and we adore it here!

Care about saving money, investing smartly, or launching a business? We have you covered!

Want to explore the world, learn about natural medicine, or know how to butcher a pig? Crazy, maybe, but life is so full of fantastic opportunities to have fun, be happy, and do new things. We are all about that!

What to expect from Smartwoman Guides

We are going to keep it short, easy, and fast. NO, you will not get everything about the topic you will ever need in one 2500 word mini eBook. You will get enough of the essential basics to hold your own talking about it and you will definitely understand the topic well enough to decide if you want to know more.

Each guide will give you the following:

  • An overview, with relevant vocabulary, definitions, and jargon
  • Suggested video and audio training and information links about the topic
  • Resource list for more information
  • Related products to help you live what you discovered

Having friends is fun!April 1st 2014 Launch coming!

April 1, 2014 (or maybe sooner!) will be our launch date. You can expect a new guide every week – here are some of our upcoming topics:

  • Smartwoman Guides: Aging Gracefully
  • Smartwoman Guides: Bit Coin
  • Smartwoman Guides: Blogging
  • Smartwoman Guides: Catering a Party
  • Smartwoman Guides: Choosing Wine
  • Smartwoman Guides: Forex
  • Smartwoman Guides: Having an Orgasm
  • Smartwoman Guides: Karaoke
  • Smartwoman Guides: Life Hacking
  • Smartwoman Guides: Meditation
  • Smartwoman Guides: Menopause
  • Smartwoman Guides: Online Business
  • Smartwoman Guides: Philanthropy
  • Smartwoman Guides: Remodeling Your Bathroom
  • Smartwoman Guides: Staging a House
  • Smartwoman Guides: Thrift Store Fashion
  • Smartwoman Guides: Two-Step Dancing
  • Smartwoman Guides: Understanding Men
  • Smartwoman Guides: Upcycling
  • Smartwoman Guides: Using WordPress

 Fun, right? Bookmark the site and come back to play!